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Parkview Hall Of Fame

Parkview takes great pride when one if its bowlers rolls an exception game or series or carries a particularly high average. Those accomplishments are posted to our Hall of Fame honor board, located just within the main door to our center.

From 1981 until the end of the 2017-2018 season our lanes were oiled by hand and scoring conditions were quite challenging, making honor scores a valuable (and rare!) commodity.  Here's our honor score board from that era:

HOF scoreboard

The start of the 2018-2019 season saw a big change in the history of Parkview Bowl...the introduction of machine-oiled lanes. Our lane conditions now resemble that of a modern "house shot", and as a result honor scores are much more common. Our honor score board has been updated to both respect the accomplishments of the past as well as those at the "new" Parkview Bowl:

HOF scoreboard

Parkview 2020-2021 high game leaders

Lanes 1-2
Joe Argento Jr. 298
Colleen Allen 233
Lanes 3-4
Neal Argento 299
Jackie Blackledge 268
Lanes 5-6
Leon Penazek 300
Jackie Blackledge 226
Lanes 7-8
Chris Freemesser 300
Jackie Blackledge 224

Parkview 2020-2021 high series leaders

Lanes 1-2
Dave Woodhams 735
Jackie Blackledge 583
Lanes 3-4
Joe Argento 759
Mary Barnhard 521
Lanes 5-6
Leon Penazek 731
Jackie Blackledge 590
Lanes 7-8
Joe Argento Jr. 794
Michele Wurme 614

Parkview all-time records

Veronica Mitchell
Veronica Mitchell (shown here with husband Leroy) holds the women's high series record with 793, bowled in 2020.

Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas (left) holds the men's high series record with 835, bowled in 2019 (258 on 5&6, 300 on 7&8, 277 on 1&2 during tournament play).

Honor score videos

A few of the 300 games thrown at Parkview have been recorded and posted online

Mike Wierzbicki throwing a 300 game during our Thursday Men's league

Jason Argento throwing his THIRD Parkview 300 game during our Thursday Men's league

Craig O'Brien throwing his 300 game during our Thursday Men's league

Leon Penazek throwing one of his 300 games, also during our Thursday Men's league

Chris Freemesser throwing his 300 game during our Thursday Men's league

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